Making Your Kitchen Safe For Children

Cooking and preparing meals is a big part of your life, especially if you are a parent. Mothers and fathers alike take the time to make the best food to feed to the kids. Concocting healthy dishes have then become a constant challenge for them. They have to fix different portions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are nutritious and yummy at the same time.

Now, of course, food preparation is done inside the kitchen and at times, the children come and join in on the activity. It can indeed be a bonding experience for the family. But then again, it stands that the area can be a place that is risky for the young ones. First off, they are energetic and lively; they will keep moving. The chance of them wandering around and touching anything are most likely to happen. This is dangerous because well, there is fire from the stove, there are knives and all that.

Then again, not allowing your children to go into the kitchen can be considered going too far. Even though the intent is to keep them away from the harm in there, it does not equate to not letting them enter the premises. The best you can really do is provide a secure place for them.

Hence, how can you make the kitchen a safe and fun space to be in?

Install safety gates
Putting boundaries can limit the movement of the young ones. This is most applicable with babies and toddlers that you are looking after. Cooking and babysitting can be hard to do simultaneously but if you need to do so, then this can do to the trick.

Employ locks
For your drawers and cabinets, you should incorporate and install them with locks. With them, of course, it will prevent the kids from opening them and touching the things inside. And so, accidents will be made impossible such as the breaking of glass and china ware and the getting of sharp objects like knives.

Make use of electrical outlet covers
There may be outlets that are placed on the lower part of the wall. With appliances plugged in and your children moving around, they may trip on the wires or purposely touch them out of curiosity. You must reduce or disallow this electrical hazard to happen.

Place dangerous kitchen tools high and hidden
This is one that should not be overlooked. Because they are short in height, the kids will not be able to reach anything if it is in a high position. So, practice that. Or better yet, just not put any unsafe item in their sight.

If you are to renovate your kitchen, avoid a modern design because contemporary styles tend to have sharp edges. That in itself is conducive to peril for everyone in general.

Invest in fitted kitchens Ipswich to have your own that is beautiful, functional and most importantly, safe. Your other preferences, more so about making it risk free can definitely be achieved as well.

How To Get Your Kids To Sleep

Sleep is important in a person’s health and well-being. When you get proper and adequate sleep, your mind and body is at its best and you can maximize their uses. But both young and old do not get enough sleep because of different factors, either purposely or not.

And here is the case about parents and children. Children usually do not sleep easily, and the parents are left to stay up the whole night waiting for them to do so. The end result is, then again, lack of sleep for everybody.

So, how do you get your kids to sleep EASILY and ON TIME?

Fixed Bedtime
Assign a specific time for sleep at night and follow it each time. The consistency will grow in your children before long, especially if you refuse to “negotiate.” Studies even show that those with no fixed sleep schedule show more behavioural problems like hyperactivity and emotional impediments compared to those who have.

Before Bedtime Routines
Avoid giving big meals and drinks with caffeine to your children close to sleeping time because they can make sleeping difficult. Steer clear, or if it cannot be done, then limit stimulating activities such as watching television and playing video games. Before they actually sleep, you can set up an interlude for a short bedtime story. Pass up the scary stories though because they do more harm than you would think.

They say it is not good to sing or rock your kids to sleep because they will get used to it and depend on it so that they can doze. It does its purpose though; it calms them but it is still advisable not to practice this.

Comfort and Coziness
When you are tucking your children in, see to it that they are resting with clothes that give them ease. Pillows and blankets should be comfy and make sure that the room is not too cold or too warm. If they are feeling scared, you can provide them with toys like stuffed animals to keep them company through the night.

Light and brightness of the room can affect the children’s slumber too. Perhaps, they have a window near their bed and light from outside sources is able to come in. This can be a distraction so if you could, you should try using blackout blinds. They can easily block the illumination and darken the interiors.

There are Harpers blinds in Manchester that are perfect for nurseries, bedrooms and the other parts of the home and they come in different sizes, colors and designs.

It is essential to let your kids follow the good habits in, particularly, sleeping. Occurrences like asking for mommy and/or daddy are normal but practice in refusing their negotiations (“Five more minutes, please?”).

You can further stimulate them by giving them a reward for say, sleeping on time for a week. Presenting them with a new toy if they obey can be a nice tactic.

Take the time to talk and listen to the little folks too. Ask them what bothers them at night and do the necessary steps to solve them.

And with the children and the parents enjoying long and ample sleep, everybody is happy!

Creating a Fun and Safe Garden For Your Children

boy-358300_640If you have kids at home, you will understand the need to provide kids with space to play. Garden is one of the great place for them to explore and play. However, not all gardens are safe and this may even put the children at risk with injury and accidents.

As parents, it is important for you to take steps towards ensuring the safety of your children while they are having fun under the sun. Being safe doesn’t necessarily means eliminating the fun part of the garden. Here are things that you can do to provide this kind of environment.

Cover Your Pool

If you have pool or water reservoir in your garden, make sure to put a fence around it to prevent from unwanted accidents particularly drowning. This is must do safety measure any parents should not forget. Since parents cannot monitor their children all the time, placing a cover or fence will protect them from harm. Also, avoid putting their playing area near any water reservoir.

Protect from Harmful Plants

Not all plants in your garden is safe for children. Kids can either choke seeds or eat harmful plants in their effort to explore your garden and satisfy their curiosity. There are also plants that can expose the kids to pricks such as cactus or roses.

If you have these types of plants, always place it away from the reach of children. Better yet, avoid planting these types of plants in your garden.

Safe Walkways

Children love to explore and try new things in their surroundings. Always make sure your garden is free sharp objects, remove any tripping hazards and cover any exposure to electricity such as wires and plugs.

Ensure sturdy and non slippery pavement especially in area where water is involved. Organize your wires and hoses after use. As much as possible, place it in a secure placement such as cabinet. If you have areas that are constantly wet, provide rails and no-slip flooring if possible.

Create Mini Garden

This is the fun part for many kids because it gives them opportunity to personally work on their garden. Even a small space is enough for the children. The goal is to teach them on how to care for their garden without exposing them to unnecessary danger. Get a Wendy house built and let them enjoy their mini garden.

Look for plants that are easy to care with less maintenance. They will enjoy the experience and look forward to see the plants bear fruits or flowers. You may even change their mind about eating vegetables.

Opt for Artificial Grass

When you are doing landscaping, consider using artificial grass for their play area. This is because artificial grass provides even surface thus reducing trip hazard. It is also softer than ordinary grass so it is safe for the skin. The cushion surface minimizes impact during fall which often happens among kids. You can ask a professional landscapers to do this installation.

Having a garden at home is a wise choice because other than its therapeutic effect on adult, it is also a place for exploration for children. Nature provides plenty of learning to the young minds. It is important therefore to provide safe environment for your children because real fun happens when their safety is ensured.

Practical Tips in Decorating a Child’s Room

decoration in a childs roomIf you have one child, he will definitely get all the advantage, especially in getting his own room. Parents are excited when they are designing or planning their child’s room. However, filling the child’s room with sufficient amount of furniture is a task not to be taken lightly. It involves careful consideration of the needs and personality of your child.

It is natural for parents to dote on an only child. You will naturally fill a child’s room with all beautiful and endearing things not only for his or her own delight, but as well as your own. However, when you have more than one child, planning and choosing furniture for the bedroom can be challenging for parents. A spacious room for a female child will naturally be filled with lots of beautiful and girly things – from dolls to small tea cups, pink wallpaper with flower prints on it, plush and pink toys that simply say a delightful little girl uses such room.

On the other hand, a boy’s room will also be filled with all things male – toy cars, wallpaper with blue skies, toy airplanes hanging on the ceiling, mechanical and automated control robots on display. Indeed, everything that defines a boy will be found.

Regardless of gender, there are certain things to take into account when choosing and buying furniture for children’s bedroom. This is not to say that doting and giving everything you can possibly think of to your child is not good. Choices should also consist of focusing on safety and appropriateness. For instance, buying bunk beds with stairs for kids – it is one of the children’s favorites. They will fight over who will stay in the upper bunk bed.

As parents, you should ensure that the stairs are fixed. Bunk beds with stairs should not have trundles. It will only increase the chance of accidental falls. Children may play with the stairs. Since it is movable, they may push or pull the stairs from side to side while someone is trying to get down the stairs. In fact, they may think of it as a carnival ride and play as such.

One vital factor to take into consideration before filling the child’s room with furniture is the space. A child’s room should not only be filled with all things good for his or her development, it should also be spacious enough to stimulate resourcefulness and clarity of mind. A room that is filled with toys with limited space will promote irritability, especially when a child spends most of his time in his room. A sufficient space is good to promote creativity and develop a child’s motor skills. In addition, a clutter free room is also an accident-free room.

A normal child is different from a special child. If you are intending to decorate or design a room meant for a special child, the principles are different. You should take into consideration the usual activities that the child does. Safety with the furniture in terms of the child’s amount of activity should also be noted. Furniture with pointed ends should be avoided as much as possible for a special child. If this cannot be avoided, padding for pointed ends should be installed so as to avoid accidents.

If possible, bring the child with you when choosing the furniture that will be used in his own room. This does not only provide an opportunity for you to get to know your child better through his choices, it will also bring about an opportunity for parent-child bonding. When two children are sharing one room, it would also be best to talk to them first on agreeing on one type of bed – to save money and space. By explaining to them what is possible and what is not will help them choose appropriately as well as lessen the argument while shopping.

It is also advisable to determine additional uses of the room aside from sleeping. If the children spend most of their studying time in the room, it would also mean that you will need to have study tables and chairs for them. You can install or call workers to create customized study space for them. This way, you can save on money as well as ensure that the study space is just the right size in consideration of the room size.

Last but not the least you should take into consideration your financial budget for the kid’s room furniture. It is a delight to decorate a child’s room, but it will not be practical to fill them with expensive things. Extra funds are better spent on a child’s mental and physical development.

Tips for Kid-Friendly Wedding

wedding activities for kidsKids. You’ll have them one day. However, as of the moment, they will be attending your wedding. What to do with them? What will they do while the adults are busy? How can you prevent kid-related accidents so that you can also prevent incurring additional costs for your wedding day? Here are some ideas:

Hire someone who can look after them. Nothing beats the joy of finding someone who can literally take care of kids and make them stay quiet when they are told to. Look for someone who can do this to the kids and more. Look for someone who enjoy kids and will distract them while the fun is going on at your wedding reception.

Create a photo booth for kids where they can dress up and have their photos taken. This will take the time off the adults who want to enjoy your wedding reception party. Ask your oxfordshire wedding photography if they have packages that involve kids dressing up to distract them. Inquire also about people who can assist the kids in dressing up. Time will pass by and adults may join in the fun later on.

Create a space where the kids can draw or doodle on the floor. Make sure that there are aprons available for the kids to use while having fun with crayons and all sorts of colored pens. You would not want their parents to waste their money on a ruined dress. Better yet, make sure that the site will use washable color pens. This area can also be a place where they can have their face paint or tattoos. Do not encourage Halloween or scary face paints, though. After all, this is your wedding.

Allocate a big sandbox. The sandbox will make them busy for a while. If you are having a wedding reception that is near a swimming pool, this would be an appropriate addition. Make sure that the staff you hired for wedding photos oxford will have enough additional people to get snapshots of the kids. The parents will love to take home photos of children active during play time. It can very well serve as thank you cards after the wedding.

Theater room. If your wedding venue has a theater room where kids can watch their favorite cartoons, it can also serve the purpose of distracting them very well. Have some on-site nannies to look after them though. Some may find the movie boring and wander around and start getting curious.

Provide wedding favors they can enjoy. Well, you don’t want them to be all hyperactive by giving away so much candy. You can order some toys where kids can paint them with their favorite color. Toy cars are great for boys while dolls, and dresses are great for girls.

Gadgets. Gadgets are the trend with kids today. You can allocate a space where there are plenty of gadgets they can play with. A small computer room with their favorite games can help them while away the time while the adults are enjoying the party.

Stay At Home Kids

When John started Year 5, I discovered that he has the ability to concentrate on a particular subject if he really liked it. But schools follow a curriculum and must move on. John asks so many questions, I felt there was not enough time to satiate his curiosity. Also, I tend to be easily frustrated when I teach him. It was like a battle between me wanting him to move on to the next and him wanting to know everything about King Henry. Because I have been hearing about home education, I started reading and researching on the subject. The more I learned, the more convinced I was that this was the best style for John and my other two boys. I thought, we should at least try. If it won’t work, we could always bring them back to a regular school.

It was a lengthy discussion between my husband and I. He was concerned with the boys’ social skills. And the preconceived notion about kids being home educated. Ideas like these kids may be mentally and emotionally unstable – in other words, different. Such far-fetched idea is disputed by statistics. London Evening Standard newspaper reported that 15,000 families are estimated to be homeschooling in Britain, which is a 50 percent increase over the year before (1996). It is thought that 100 children a month may be leaving Britain’s state schools to begin homeschooling.  Now, it’s estimated that over 50,000 children are home educated in the UK and the figure is rising by 80% per year, and they can’t all be weirdos, can they?

Ross Mountney, in her book Learning Without School says:

“Children make friends at school because they happen to be at school. When they’re out and about in other communities like home educated children are, they make their friends there. There are thousands of home educating families and the community grows daily. With all the online networks children soon find others to connect with.”

“Aside from that children make friends at their vocational clubs and lessons (football or dance for example) so there are always others to hang out with. ‘Socialisation’ is not an issue at all when you home educate as long as you are prepared to mix in the normal way you would in life anyway.”

We decided to take this head on. I left my office job to be a facilitator of learning for my kids. We have not regretted the decision ever since. The joy of seeing them grow, doing things together during rainy days and sunny days – what more could I ask for?